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Performing a
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Applying for a
utility patent, or a
design patent.

Provisional patent applications.

Protection abroad,
especially Europe.

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In Private Practice For Over 35 Years
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  This firm gives every client the focused attention of a highly experienced attorney.

Past Chairman of Intellectual Property Section of New Jersey State Bar Association; Obtained patents on innovations that won best technology award at COMDEX;  NJ Patent Attorney trying patent cases since 1978; Comprehensive understanding of mechanical, electronic and computer inventions; Experienced in the licensing of technology; Skilled in assessing innovation and turning technology into a valuable asset. 


Mr. Adams started out as an engineer, working on aircraft designs.  Before entering private practice, he was a corporate attorney/patent agent, working on elevator mechanisms, and video processing.  His corporate practice emphasized domestic and international IP protection. 

Mr. Adams has been in private practice for over 35 years and has served small and large businesses.  He also performs services for many individual inventors, helping them by performing patent searches, and by preparing and prosecuting patent applications. 

Mr. Adams has represented many patent owners for licensing or selling their patents or other intellectual property. The Adams law firm combines a high level of expertise at comparatively lower cost than traditional law firms. 



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