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As you work to protect your intellectual property, including pursuing and defending your patents, you need a lawyer by your side who sees things the way you do and who shares your priorities.

Our Unique Background Supports Our Skill

Thomas is a past chairman of the Intellectual Property Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association, is experienced in the licensing of technology, and has been trying patent cases since 1978. He has obtained patents on innovations that won the best technology award at one of the world's largest trade shows.

Founding New Jersey patent attorney Thomas L. Adams began his career as an engineer, giving him a special appreciation for the process of design. After moving to the field of law, he continued to focus on patent protection and filing involving electronic and mechanical patents.

Mr. Adams brings several unique qualities to his work as a patent attorney at the firm, including:

  • Intelligence. Mr. Adams' past engineering experience supports his understanding of even the most complex areas of technology and the correlating areas of law.
  • Attention to detail. Mr. Adams is able to dig into tough cases, paying close attention to the smallest details that can have a huge impact.
  • Honesty. We strive to be transparent and straightforward in our work with clients: You can rest assured that we will give our honest opinion as to what you may be facing and any other implications of your situation.
  • Real-world engineering experience. Because Mr. Adams worked as an engineer for some time prior to entering the field of law, he has experience beyond the law.

Mr. Adams uses these skills to our clients' advantage whenever possible. To learn more about his background, click the link below:

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