Intellectual Property

If you are seeking to protect your intellectual property, whether for use in a business or other purposes, you need to know that it has been done correctly. Thomas L. Adams focuses exclusively on patent protection, trademark and copyright laws, and other methods of protecting your trade secrets and other intellectual property.

As an experienced New Jersey patent attorney, Mr. Adams knows there are several ways to protect intellectual property, in the nature of a word or phrase, or a graphic used in branding. One of the most effective tools in this particular situation is a trademark or service mark.

The Value Of A Trademark And Service Mark

Registering a mark is not required. You can use any branding properties you like without one. However, it is much wiser to establish a mark prior to using them. Without protection, you risk someone else using the property and arguing that they used it first. This type of dispute can lead to expensive and lengthy litigation.

Additionally, protecting a mark is not difficult as long as your attorney follows the proper steps. You need to know first and foremost that no one else has acquired the mark. Then, your lawyer will work to register it for you. There can be issues with the U.S. Trademark Office here, or with another person or company that wants to use the property. However, a highly skilled attorney can minimize any potential issues.

Other Types Of Intellectual Property Protection

In some cases, a copyright is the correct choice to protect your intellectual property, such as with music, books or art. Mr. Adams will evaluate your situation and advise which type of protection is right for you, using his experience as a patent lawyer in New Jersey.

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