Reduced Filing Fees

The US Patent Office will discount most fees 50% for parties that qualify as a small entity.  To qualify as a small entity an applicant must have fewer than 500 employees and cannot grant rights (or be obliged to grant rights) to a party that would not qualify as a small entity.

These small entity fees will be halved again (to 25% of the undiscounted rate) if a party qualifies as a "micro entity."

This new rate became available on March 19, 2013.  To qualify as a micro entity, the inventor must satisfy all of the following:


Qualify as a small entity;

Has not been named as an inventor on more than four previously filed patent applications;

Did not have a gross income for the preceding year greater than $150,162.00 (subject to change); and

Did not assign, grant, or convey a license or ownership interest in the application to an entity that had a gross income exceeding $150,162.00.

Performing a
patent search.

Keeping an idea

Applying for a
utility patent, or a design patent.

Provisional patent applications.

Protecting your invention abroad especially in


Although high technology inventions in the computer and biochemical field receive much attention, simple inventions are often just as important commercially. Thomas Adams

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